JT Foxx, #1 Wealth and Business Coach has opened doors and exponentially improved my success, changing my life!! Truly Remarkable Results! #JTFoxx #FamilyFirst #MillionaireUnderdog

16473721_271588016606835_2637738992690780371_nJT Foxx is truly an inspiration to me. I listen to his coaching program daily as I travel between my appointments.  I met JT Foxx in September 2016 in Denver, at a Mega Speaker Event, and have engaged in coaching since.  Including his Family Reunion III, Ultimate Business Retreat, and Sales and Marketing Training. 


In December, 2016,  I secured a position with a large Chicago based consulting firm. This is a sales position, a big switch for me as I’m a CPA & long-time business consultant myself. This position allows me to use my intricate understanding of business, with deliverables far beyond my personal experience. One of our deliverables is Succession Planning. In my pitch, I quote my good friend & mentor, #1 Wealth Coach in the world, JT Foxx, who owns & operates over 50 businesses, and travels all over the world training Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. JT says you should never start a business without an Exit Strategy.

I have Rocked it in this new alliance. Largely as a result of the focus & clarity I’ve attained through JT Foxx Coaching & Damien Easton at UBR in March, 2017. In fact, January to June, I am in the top 10 cash collect for my position, which is Senior Area Manager, bringing in over 1Million revenue to the company –Top in my Region. Most others in the Top 25 are veterans in the company, been there 3-25 years.

So, Thank You!!! JT Foxx for your vision and mentoring!  I will see You at Family Reunion!! and in many more Trainings.  It is an honor to be part of the Family!

Ellen Young,  Denver, CO